What Are QR Codes Used For

Maybe a tough question when you ask someone who doesn’t have a clue what QR codes are…but now that you know that, the question has gotten a lot simpler to think about and answer huh? QR codes can be used for anything conventional bar codes are, so right there you have many functionalities. But there are a lot of things QR codes are capable of that conventional barcodes are not, due to their limitations. So how is this reflected in its applications?

QR codes have come a long way since their creation, having first been developed to help track parts in the manufacturing process of vehicles. Today they have a number of purposes, including transport ticketing, entertainment, commercial tracking, and product labeling/marketing, just to name a few. You can find QR codes being used to send audiences to a website for browsing, to bookmark a webpage, to initiate phone calls, send short messages, send emails, produce links to web URL’s, start chats with blackberry users, connect to WI-FI networks, access information, get coupons, view videos, purchase items, process orders, advertise products, etc.

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