QR Code User Safety

Okay, so I know after everything you may have read so far you may be excited to go out and start using QR codes, and that is great! But I wouldn’t be a good educator here if I didn’t warn you about the potential risks associated with their use. Like other technology, it is possible to be corrupted. And although I like to believe the majority of people out there are inherently good and pure hearted, you still have to be aware and precautious of those that will try to take advantage or do you harm.

So, like I said before, QR codes are fantastic for accessing data. However, there are risks with their use. They include possibly linking to an unsafe webpage that uses or includes malware or malicious content. Your personal, private, or sensitive data such as contacts, files, passwords, and transactions could be accessed. Privacy settings could be corrupted, identity can be stolen, you could get a virus, etc.

To avoid these terrible things from happening, make sure to scan QR codes from trustworthy sources. Also, make sure you are not scanning a QR code that has been tampered with, for instance some may cleverly put a sticker over the QR code from a trusted source. If you are not diligent, you could fall right into/for their trap.

  • QR Code Images Can Be Malicious – A quick precautionary note to readers warning that QR Codes, like other forms of electronic communication, can potentially contain malicious content as well.
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  •  AVG (AU/NZ) Cautions: Beware of QR Codes That are Corrupt/Malicious – Article by Lloyd Borret, security software distributor for AVG (AU/NZ). Although this webpage and the company he works for are based in Australia, don’t let that deter you. The article is very informative about QR codes, how they can be exploited and corrupted, and tips for Quick Response safety that you’ll find useful anywhere.