Future of QR Codes

So, what is the future of QR codes? Only time will tell I suppose, but judging on what we have seen so far with the technology, it looks like they will continue to grow in popularity and use. However not all seem to think so. How about you? Will you be using them now that you know more about them? Or how about even contributing further, you could even make your own. After all, there are plenty of free QR code creation/generator sites out there.

  • Making Your Own Personal QR Code – A great “how to” guide on making your own QR code, and to QR codes in general, from an admitted enthusiast.
  • A Guide on QR Codes – From Lawrence University, this resource identifies what QR codes are, identifies how to get a QR reader for your mobile phone, describes how a QR code is made, provides where more information on QR codes can be found, and demonstrates examples of how QR codes are being used.
  • QR Code Help – Informational and helpful sources in one place for you! Including general QR code information, a list of readers, applications for QR scanning, and QR code generators.
  • An Evaluation of QR Codes – An interesting read, this online article discusses QR code technologies and consumers reactions to it. It identifies some of the limitations or current downfalls to QR codes, and an even newer technology called Near Field Communication (NFC) that may deter attention from it as well.