About My Pets – Dog, Cat, Zoe, Max

About My Pets

I, like so many of you readers, and so many more out there, adore my pets. In fact, I feel like you’d be pretty hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t absolutely love their pet, and think they are the best in the world. Pets are amazing because of what they give us, unconditional love. My Labrador Zoe and my American Bobtail Max are always there for me, and are such a positive aspect of my life every day.

Zoe is the absolute sweetest. She is so playful and cute, and able to put a smile on my face even during the lowest low. When I or Jonathan is sick, she’ll be there right by our side, somehow knowing everything isn’t quite alright, and wanting to help us feel better. Every morning Zoe and I will go for a nice walk, and every evening Jonathan will walk with her also. Often in the afternoon we will play in the backyard together with the tennis ball, or a stick. She loves playing fetch; she especially loves the winter when she can tromp around through the snow. If I had to make a complaint, the only one would be all the shedding. But that’s just something you have to live with if you’re going to have pets, and for all the love and happiness they bring, it’s really no issue at all. In fact, the time spent brushing her and taking care of her coat can actually be quite soothing for both of us, believe it or not. I’ll brush her at night by the fire, and then I’ll read my book while she lies next to me and Jonathan on the couch. Especially with the kids out of the house, I have to say that for both me and Jonathan, having Zoe and Max around makes all the difference in the world.

And oh let me tell you about Max. Max, Max, Max. He’s quite the mischievous little kitty let me tell you. But at the same time, he is such a love. He is always finding his way into some kind of trouble, he loves to climb and knock things over. And he is so curious about everything—especially empty boxes or laundry bins! He really is such a character, but you can’t help but love him… mischievous Max. Like I said though, he is a love. He sleeps on the bed with Jonathan and I every night, which we are reminded of in the morning if we try to hit that snooze button—Max simply won’t have it, he’ll let us know it’s time for his and Zoe’s breakfast! During the day a lot of the time he will be off doing his own thing, or sleeping like a lazy cat does, but he’ll occasionally snuggle up with you or enjoy some play time with you and his toys—he does love the stuffed mouse at the end of string which we dangle by a stick, that and his ball of yarn of course. Sometimes he’ll even play with Zoe. Most evenings he often finds himself purring in either my lap or Jonathan’s, and enjoying a belly rub—so pampered!

If you have a pet then I’m sure you understand the joy that they really bring into your life, and how sincere the love you have for them is. I hope you enjoyed hearing about my pets, now if you don’t mind I think I’m going to go and spend some time with them and Jonathan. J